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Check out the link below.  I have a few reviews on there, and you can see I'm verified as a legitimate business (accredited since 2014)​​. Please copy and paste link to see (I can't get the link to work).
       Welcome to Prayer Paw Puppies, Missouri’s AKC Pomeranian Paradise. With many years breeding experience, Prayer Paw Puppies has made quite a name for raising perfect furry children. Whether you’re down the road or one-thousand miles away, we've got a baby for you.
        As original descendants of dogsled breeds, Pomeranians are active, agile, and humble puppies looking to be loved. That’s why Prayer Paw Puppies always makes it a point to raise each of our Pomeranians on an individual and intimate basis from the very beginning. Since this breed especially needs to feel loved and embraced as young puppies, it is our utmost concern they maintain our high caliber of care long after leaving our home.
        Every day, it’s with great pride that we present Prayer Paw Puppies to the world. Although most of our Pomeranians differ in size and color, we promise these puppies maintain a universal standard of adorable. We strive to produce exotic breed-standard fluffy Pomeranians who are loyal and loveable. Our dogs are known for their intelligence and willingness to please (although this is mixed in with the breed's desire for dominance LOL). We have many returning clients who benefit from a 10% discount on regularly priced dogs after the first purchase. We strive for show-worthy dogs that are companion-affordable.
        Our facility is Missouri and USDA licensed. We are inspected regularly by agents of both, as well as our vet, and AKC. ​
     ​ For any additional information, please contact:
                                 Prayer Paw Puppies (Sheri Chapman)
​                                                (417) 207-0760
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​ You are welcome to text, call, or email us. You are also welcome to come and visit us. Have a wonderful day, and we look forward to speaking with you.
        ​​Sheri Chapman, owner of Prayer Paw Puppies, began helping her mother, Jean Anderson, and her grandmother, Myrtle Lathrom, with the kennel in her teen-age years (1980's). Later, Sheri took over and kept a kennel for years (1990's)​.
         Sheri took a break from licensed kennel breeding to raise four daughters and have a teaching career, but in 2013, she got back into breeding Pomeranians on a small scale. From there, she fell deeply (back) in love and just couldn't bear to part with the puppies born. Sheri ended up having to build a kennel to house them all. She will eagerly tell potential buyers to beware: No one can have just one! ​

         History has a way of repeating itself. As Sheri helped her mother and grandmother in the past, now her oldest daughter, Mikaela Branson, joined team Prayer Paw! In October 2022, we became co-owners of the business. Things have a way of coming full circle.​
         The goal at Prayer Paw is to share unconditional love with the world through Pomeranians.

       ​​ Sheri doesn't know what she would have done if it hadn't been for the love of her first dog, Shena. Shena was a partial throwback Pomeranian. Still, she was one of the best dogs ever. She knew all Sheri's secrets and kissed away her childhood tears. Shena was Sheri's first heart dog. Then Angel came into the picture, Sheri's first (and foundation) merle. Now Belle has heart dog shoes to fill. Sheri loves all her dogs very much, but those are the ones who have bonded with her on a deeper level.
          Sheri is very thankful to her daughter, Mikaela Branson, for joining the Prayer Paw team. With the two of us working together, we are diligent and dedicated. Mikaela also owns two heart dogs, Kora and Margaret.
          Although Prayer Paw doesn't boast of having "show" Pomeranians, we strive to breed to the standards: cobby bodies and cute, short-snouted Pommies with profuse hair coats. We want our dogs to be versatile for any purpose: Loving. Showing. Breeding. The dogs are breed for durability, love, companionship, loyalty, gentleness, color, and conformity. ​Prayer Paw selects top quality dogs who can stand the duration of time.

Our new endeavor IS the show arena.  Prayer Paw's goal is to make a mark in the show ring with dogs of color. It's an exciting journey for us. ​​To see our show prospects, there are individual pages (drop down links) on our show Pom male and female pages.
              *Dogs at Prayer Paw are American Kennel Club (AKC) registered.