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Beautiful,fluffy, adorable dog-ghters and best friends FUR-ever are available here!!!
​  ​​​A Pomeranian Paradise
              "A PuppyGift"


                        Fluffy balls of delight

                        Bouncing, licking, yipping, chewing

                        Give freedom from life

                        If only for a moment

                        With warm kisses and

                        Joyful exuberance upon sight

                        Puppies flower happiness

                        with touch, sight, sound

                        And whisks one away from concern

                        Pure bliss!

                        A gift.


                               By Sheri Branson       December 8, 2009
©created by BFF Puppies and PrayerPaw  Puppies
AKC Daisy    (Pepi x Angel)
Welcome to Missouri’s own Pomeranian paradise. With around thirty years of combined breeding experience, BFF and Prayer Paw Puppies have both made quite a name for themselves raising the furriest Pomeranian friends around. Whether you’re down the road or one-thousand miles away, we’ll proudly have our puppies delivered to loving families eager for their newest member.

        As original descendants of dogsled breeds, Pomeranians are active, agile, and humble puppies looking to be loved. That’s why BFF and Prayer Paw Puppies always make it a point to raise each of our Pomeranians on an individual and intimate basis from the very beginning. Even more, since this breed especially needs to feel loved and embraced as young puppies, it is our utmost concern they maintain our high caliber of care long after leaving our home.

        Every day, it’s with great pride that we present BFF and Prayer Paw Puppies to the world! Although most of our Pomeranians differ in size and color, we promise these puppies maintain a universal standard of adorable. That means you are more than welcome to visit us and find the perfect Pom Pup for you!

        For any additional information, please contact BFF Puppies email - - Jean at (417) 259-2800 or Jessica Berhorst at (417) 259-7045  Sheri with Prayer Paw Puppies at (417) 207-0760 ( You are welcome to text, call, or email us. Have a wonderful day, and we look forward to speaking with you!

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