​Jean Anderson and Sheri Chapman, a mother-daughter team, share our love of Pomeranians.  Now, Jessica Berhorst has joined our team. (Jean's granddaughter) We want to bring our joys to the world!  ​We have been breeding our preferred traits into our dogs for years. 
          We don't boast of having "show" Pomeranians, but it is a realm that Sheri would love to pursue.   We strive to breed cobby bodies and cute, short snouts on our Pommies with profuse hair coats.  We breed for durability, love, companionship, loyalty, gentleness, color, and conformity.  Our dogs range from mid four pounds to into the nine pound range.  (Only a few dogs are on the upper range.) 
We want durable pets who can stand the duration of time.  We want pets that won't break legs jumping off the couch, but are still small enough to be your forever small furry baby to tote around.​

*We are American Kennel  Club (AKC) registered, but we do, on occasion, breed out to other registries.​​​​
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A Pomeranian Paradise
Wolf Sable (Co-Co x Daisy)
Chocolate Parti puppies
    (Lance x Georgina)​
Chocolate merle parti
Co-Co x Dutchess​)
Blue merle tri parti
    (Co-Co x Dot​)
*He's also dog pictured at top​
​CoCo x Dutchess
    blue merle tri parti​
CoCo x Dutchess - chocolate merle parti
Co-Co x Daisy
​BFF Puppies

Blue x Daisy
King x Dot​
Coco x Daisy
CoCo x Dot
Wolfie x Ellie
Blue x Belle litter
Wolfie x Vallie
Blue x Daisy  
Blue x Daisy
Wolfie x Ellie
Wolfie x Vallie
Wolfie x Vallie
Blue x Dixie
King x Snow White
King x Snow White
Blue x Isis