About Jean Anderson
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              ​My name is Jean, and I started loving dogs before Sheri was born.  I've been around  them all my life, and there hasn't been a day I haven't had a  special BFF in my  life, hence, the chosen name of my operation

One of my  dreams since childhood was to raise dogs, and my dream came true! I've been able  to raise and breed dogs on my farm in Missouri on and off since 
1986. I decided to get my license again this year so I would be able to have and raise a few Pomeranians, as they are my love.
My great compassion for dogs has apparently been passed on to my children, as they both now own and raise Poms. The ones we have are deeply loved and cared for, and we want, by extension, to have all our puppies find a good "person" in their life to love.
The Pomeranians that live in my kennel get petted, loved, and talked to. They  get groomed each and every week,  they have controlled temperatures both in the winter and summer, there is more than enough run and play space, and probably,they are better off than we are   in the house. LOL
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Jean Anderson
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Karina, AKC tri colored
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       Panda, ACA blue brindle parti
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A Pomeranian Paradise
About Jessica Berhorst
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I am Jean Andersons granddaughter. I am a stay at home mom with two boys. My son loves to play with the dogs and puppies. He helps socialize them. I live here next to Jean. We decided to build another kennel when I moved out here and joined the family business. We both work in the kennels and take care of the dogs. This love for dogs has been with me since I can remember. I have always had a dog of my own. I currently have two Pitbulls at my house. They are rescues. I know that is far from a Pom. I have always been a big dog person but these little balls of fluff have definitely captured my heart. I will eventually have one in my house as well. I have many years of experience with dogs. As a kid I always had a special connection with dogs. I wanted to become a dog trainer. In 2010 I did just that. In my early 20's I moved around a lot. I have had various jobs working with dogs. I worked at a doggie daycare/boarding/grooming/vet facility (City Vet) while living in Dallas. I mentored as a dog trainer with a lady who ran a rescue out of her home in Oklahoma. When I finally moved back home I started working for a rescue. I worked there for almost 4 years. I was the manager, dog trainer, photographer, and pretty much anything else you can think of. LOL I learned so much there. I also got to see first hand the dogs that came from REAL puppy mills. It was horrific. I know that there is a lot of tension/controversy between rescues and breeders. Coming from a family of breeders and working in rescue was an eye opener. It gave me the opportunity to educate people that not every breeder is a bad breeder or considered a puppy mill. This influenced me to make sure that we are breeding good quality Pomeranians. I have a deep passion for both. I still am in contact with some of the rescues that I worked with. They will help place our retired breeders if we need them to. I have a great relationship with several rescues even in different states. After I left the rescue I became a full time stay at home mom. Now I can dedicate my life to both my loves. My family and my dogs which are a part of my family. I would one day love to show some of our dogs but that will have to come when my kids are a little older. 
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     AKC Champaign                 BUBBLES
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