​      About Sheri Chapman and Prayer Paw Puppies:

​          My name is Sheri, and I've loved animals all of my life. I considered becoming a vet when I was a teenager, but when I saw how a vet must be "mean" to help in some cases, I changed my mind.

Every animal I’ve owned, I’ve bred on some level. I’m extremely interested in color genetics and have delved into this in several species.
        ​        I love baby animals, so it’s important to me to have babies to play with all the
time; it's therapy from life for me. I've raised hamsters, guinea pigs, dogs, chickens, beef and dairy cattle, and horses. In addition to raising equine, I broke my own horses (ones I raised) for several years. I've even raised guppies if they count! Haha! Dogs, of course, are my favorite! Currently, I only raise Pomeranians.
I own an Akita male, several Pomeranians, cats,  fish tanks, and a corn snake.  (My oldest daughter also has a bearded dragon).  My newest acquisition is miniature goats.  They are much like dogs! LOL  I decided to breed them on a small scale. 
My grandma (now deceased), my mother, and I all had a kennel license about thirty years ago. We ended up selling out with an auction due to health (my mom's back) and babies (me), but each of us kept back our favorite pets. We have continued to breed in characteristics that we love into our pets. We admire unique colors, short snouts, thick coats, temperament that is laid back and genial, and dogs that stalk our every move! LOL! We have the ultimate lap pets! Now we have "corrupted" nearly my whole family. My brother owns three Poms; others who are now proud Pom owners include: my daughters, my uncle, my aunt, two of my step daughters, and many of my friends!
​As a profession, I'm a teacher, and I work with students with special needs. I work with higher functioning kids (ones with learning disabilities, mild behavioral issues, attention deficits, and other mild health impairments.) I also instruct in English 1 classrooms.  I am a people person as well as an animal lover. I love to help others and be surrounded with the people and dogs (also known as "dog-hters") that I love!
Because I plan to retire in five or six years, I made the decision in April (2013) to build a kennel. My kennel is now complete, and I just received my MO State license (9/13) so that I can raise Pomeranians on a larger scale - and I plan on doing it full time once I retire from the public school system.  I also am getting my USDA license in the summer of 2014.
Other things I enjoy are ​WRITING (I finally get my dream come true!!!!! I am a published author!  My e-book was released in the summer of 2014!!!!)  I also love reading (I have a book or Nook in my hands all the time!), running, weight lifting (when I have time), floating, fishing, and just about anything outdoors.

I also want to say I love meeting new people with similar interests. I love ALL animals (but especially Pomeranians!!!), and I will be your friend and text/email/etc. for life if you'd like. If you want to talk about any animal, I'd love to chat.  If you just have questions about your puppy, I'll do my best to answer them - and I extend this invitation to you forever. ​<3
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​​Prayer Paw Puppies:
Sheri Chapman
Spokane, MO  65754 
Cell: (417) 207-0760 
E-mail: prayerpawpuppies@yahoo.com


My second oldest daughter and our Akita

Hannah and  Sam​
John, Hannah's cat
A Pomeranian Paradise
Sidney and her dog,, 
Introduction to my family:
Sheri (me) & Keith 
                       ​(my husband)
Annie, (DOB: July of 2012) and is a "Fainting goat" (who doesn't faint) LOL!
(I LOVE her blue eyes!!!!)​
​Introducing my miniature goats!
Mikaela and her dog, Ellie

http://sherichapman.weebly.com(Author website)

My Author's page at Museit Up Publishing: (You can preorder my e-book - July 18, 2014 release!)  I am soooo excited! ​​
My beautiful AKC "show" boys,
                 Blue  and   Wolfie​
My four girls at Christmas, 2013
Another Dream Come True!!!!I am a published author!!!!! :)​

​Here is a free site I publish on as well!  I have a few works that I post for feedback.  I do plan on publishing these works, but it's great to get feedback before I submit to a publishing house!  I do need to edit, but I welcome feedback, votes, and comments! 

Angel, AKC Blue Merle
Foundation stock​
(Wolfie x Gypsy)​
Historical Romance!  I have a triology being published by DREAM BIG!  Please visit this site for my Passion series: 

 Wild Passions if available for preorder at this time!  The release date is January 20, 2017!

Sidney, my volleyball player and 
Grandma Jean  and me​
Sidney and Emily at Universal, Summer
Emily, Sheri, and Sidney at Universal
Emily made me a "Harry
  Potter" birthday.  
      ​My youngest can be so

            Emily is Professor
               Trelawney... LOL​​​

                 October 2015
Emilly, my baby
Keith and his four with Sheri and her four!
Emily and baby Bella: DOB: 1/15/14
I have two more goats born in March of 2015 by Annie:  Bonnie, a black with white who also has blue eyes, and Gracie, a gray and white goat.