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AKC Chanel                                $450 pet only
DOB: 9/2/17
     Chanel is a very sweet girl. She had her teeth cleaned and she was spayed recently (Aug 2021). I'm asking $450 to help cover her surgery charges. She's a bigger girl (around ten pounds). I also cut her hair back, so it is much shorter than in the pictures (plus her belly was shaved for her surgery.  Chanel has champion lineage on her sire's side (see Grizzly on our retired sire page). She has been a kennel dog who's lived most of her life here.  It will take some time for her to adjust to new people and a life away from a kennel. If you are kind and patient, I'm sure Chanel will want to please you. ​​Potty and crate training may be a little slow, but Chanel is a smart girl.  She will make a great addition to any family due to her sweet nature, but will just take patience and kindness.  Please contact Sheri with Prayer Paw Puppies for more information. 
The following is a dog that was purchased from me (Sheri) some years ago.  He was bought as a breeder and he cannot be used as a stud dog due to low sperm count.  (Both of his parents have since been rehomed). The client is on a limited number of dogs she can own at her place of residence and needs a breeding male. If you buy this dog, he is no longer affiliated with Prayer Paw or BFF and all agreements will be between this person (listed on this ad) and the new buyer. I am only listing him because he came from me.  All negotiations will be between new client and old client. No business owners on this website shall be involved. 

   August Lego was born 4/20/2017 and is four year old male. He is an AKC Merle Pomeranian. He is beautiful, smart, and is easily trained. He has the unique trait of a brown eye and a blue eye. He is white and orange/tan parti colored.  He sleeps in a crate at night and knows the following commands: "go to bed", "sit", "stay", "down", "let's go for a walk" (leash trained), and "outside" (go potty).He is used to kids, adults, other dogs and cats and loves everyone. He is a great family pet and loves all people and pets. He likes to sit with you and snuggle. He loves to walk on a leash. He needs a home where he has a fenced yard and is walked. He should not be free to chase cars. I will be picky about who he goes to. He is available for a pet only. Please call Angela at 479 253 5072 or email me at 

Asking 1,500