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Prayerpaw Smoky Amber               Pet price: $1500 / FULL $2,000
DOB: 9/14/16
​​     Amber is a beautiful blue sable out of my champion-sired Wolfie.  She is pictured above as a pup and at 6 months.  I haven't taken any recent pictures.  I did cut her coat back some this summer, so she is not full coated.  Her mother is Vallie (rehomed) who was a nice black tri parti out of Blue.  I really wanted to keep Amber, and I still may decide to.  She has come in heat and has been bred.  IF she free whelps and is a good mother, I may decide she will stay (unless I'm presented with a deal I can't pass up).  Amber is so sweet and loving, but unfortunately, she is under five pounds.  I really like my females between six and eight pounds.  An eight our nine pound female is better than a four pound female (in my opinion) for breeding purposes.  Vallie was fairly small and had two litters of four and raised them all (free whelped) without assistance. (Vallie is pictured below).   Amber may have the same success.  I would consider trading for a larger quality AKC female, but I am very picky.  The trade would have to be for a female up to standards.  Otherwise, her price is firm.  IF SOLD AS A PET, AMBER WILL BE SPAYED BEFORE LEAVING Contact Sheri with Prayer Paw Puppies TEXT/call 417-207-0760 or email
Amber came in heat and had been bred.  She is due Feb. 12, 2018.  If she free whelps and is a good mother, she may stay.  Please contact me if you are interested in Amber.