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Expecting Puppies:
A Pomeranian Paradise
This is a puppy from PrayerPawPuppies  (Jasper x Georgina)
BFF Puppies​
First I want to say that if you are looking for a specific puppy, keep a close eye on our website!  This is free and is based on your diligence.  
​​However, people still ask us to put them on a waiting list.  
In the past, we've tried to make waiting lists for people, but that really hasn't worked out.  We'd go to the trouble, then our potential customers would be too excited to wait, so they would buy a puppy elsewhere.  I also do not like to take deposits on unborn puppies, However, both BFF and Prayer Paw Puppies have decided to take "reservations" on puppies.  This is a little more of a commitment than just putting your name on a list.  If you are serious about wanting an unborn puppy from specific parents, you may:
1. Put a nonrefundable $50 down for first reservation, second (if first is taken), and so on.
2. This is TRANSFERABLE if the puppy you are looking for is not produced
3. You will need to specify what litter you are interested.  First come, first serve.  
4. If a puppy is not born that you want, you would not get a refund, but then the $50 hold money could then be transferred to a new "waiting list".  You would need to identify a new litter that you'd be interested in "waiting" for.  
5. After the puppy is born that you want, (you have up to seven days after birth to decide and send the deposit to hold ($250) - which can include snail mail - just send us a picture of the money order / cashier's check before sending.)  However, IF THE DEPOSIT IS NOT RECEIVED within a reasonable time frame after day seven (however long is reasonable for the mail to deliver), the $50 is no longer transferable and is gone.  A new $50 hold will be required to reserve another puppy.
   ​Of course, if something happened to the puppy, your deposit or $50 hold could be transferred!
*As the breeder, we retain the right to always have first pick of the litter should we choose it, even if a reservation is in place.   ​
Apollo x Star 
These should be five pounders.  (I expect five to six)   Star is champion sired, and Apollo has a great pedigree as well.  I  think we'll have black and tans, oranges, sables, or possibly blue or blue and tans.  They will be gorgeous! Future litters from this offspring could have partis as the sire is a parti.   Due in 9/29      Breeding by Prayer Paw Puppies​
Apollo x Lacey
These babies will be beautiful!  I expect babies to b mid-five to upper six in range as an adult.  Dewclaws will be removed (but I don't charge for this so no guarantees).  I expect white partis,creams or cream-partis, black and tans, blacks, partis, possibly chocolate and/or blues.  Due approx 8/17    (reserve on small white girl)  Breeding by Prayer Paw Puppies​
Grizzly x Paradise (not pictured yet)
Chocolate bred to chocolate will be... CHOCOLATE.  This may range from beaver to lavender, but I expect mostly chocolate or chocolate partis with tan.  These will not be tiny puppies.  I expect a range from mid six to possibly eight pounds.  They will have great pedigrees (Charlie is grandsire of this litter).  ​Due 8/19  Breeding by Prayer Paw Puppies
Flash x Chanel (not yet pictured)
Chanel is a bigger girl but is a beautiful chocolate parti sired by Grizzly.  She should have chocolate tri parti puppies or at least chocolate and tans.  Any chocolate is possible (beaver to sable to lavender)​  Due 8/26  Breeding by Prayer Paw Puppies
Bubbles x Frost (not pictured yet)
Frost is a bigger girl sired by Grizzly. She's a chocolate sable.  ​ANy chocolate or blue varieties are possible.  There will be partis born as well.  I expect pups to be five to eight pounds in range at maturity.  Due 8/28  Breeding by Prayer Paw Puppies
Lumos x Faith
I expect good breeding size from this pairing.  Puppies should mature in the upper fives to lower sevens range.  I expect whites, creams, orange sables, or maybe even black.  Partis are possible.  If a white girl is born and big enough, she will stay here.  Due 9/8  Breeding by Prayer Paw Puppies​