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Expecting Puppies:
A Pomeranian Paradise
This is a puppy from PrayerPawPuppies  (Jasper x Georgina)
BFF Puppies​
First I want to say that if you are looking for a specific puppy, keep a close eye on our website!  This is free and is based on your diligence.  
​​However, people still ask us to put them on a waiting list.  
In the past, we've tried to make waiting lists for people, but that really hasn't worked out.  We'd go to the trouble, then our potential customers would be too excited to wait, so they would buy a puppy elsewhere.  I also do not like to take deposits on unborn puppies, Prayer Paw Puppies has decided to take "reservations" on puppies.  This is a little more of a commitment than just putting your name on a list.  If you are serious about wanting an unborn puppy from specific parents, you may:
1. Put a nonrefundable $50 down for first reservation, second (if first is taken), and so on.
2. This is TRANSFERABLE if the puppy you are looking for is not produced
3. You will need to specify what litter you are interested.  First come, first serve.  
4. If a puppy is not born that you want, you would not get a refund, but then the $50 hold money could then be transferred to a new "waiting list".  You would need to identify a new litter that you'd be interested in "waiting" for.  
5. After the puppy is born that you want, (you have up to seven days after birth to decide and send the deposit to hold ($250) - which can include snail mail - just send us a picture of the money order / cashier's check before sending.)  However, IF THE DEPOSIT IS NOT RECEIVED within a reasonable time frame after day seven (however long is reasonable for the mail to deliver), the $50 is no longer transferable and is gone.  A new $50 hold will be required to reserve another puppy.
   ​Of course, if something happened to the puppy, your deposit or $50 hold could be transferred!
*As the breeder, we retain the right to always have first pick of the litter should we choose it, even if a reservation is in place.   ​

*BFF Puppies is not participating in this. We will post our puppies the week that they are born. You may call, text, or email (417-259-2800, 417-2597-045,, or to set up a hold deposit. ​​
Flash x Tiara (not pictured - chocolate and tan merle)
What do I expect?  Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate.  Whether you want milk chocolate or dark, look no further.  I expect merles as well.  Most will have tan accents or factored.  ​Due   Breeding by Prayer Paw Puppies​
Lumos x Dance
These will be exceptional babies.  I expect whites to partis (cream, orange, black, and possibly more).  Dance is show quality, so these babies will be nice! This will be Dance's second litter. Due Sept. 2020. Breeding by Prayer Paw Puppies​
Charlie x Velvet
Velvet is a very nice girl.  She is not tiny, so I hope her puppies will be great for producers (nice size) or pets.  I expect many colors.  She could have blues, sables, chocolates, or maybe even lavenders. Combined with Charlie, these will be dreamy puppies.  Due Oct. 2020 Breeding by Prayer Paw Puppies
Flash x Dove
​Dove is a true blue merle.  Flash throws all colors, it seems.  I expect beauties out of this combination.  Bred 7/18/20 due in September.

​Breeding by Prayer Paw Puppies
Charlie x Frost 
This is another litter where I expect a delivery of chocolate assortments (no merles though).  They should have tan factors or carry it. Charlie is OUTSTANDING.  This should be a nice litter.   
Breeding by Prayer Paw Puppies
Lumos x Touched
This is another nice litter expected.  ​Touched is champion-sired, and Lumos's parents were imported from Russian with nice lines.  I expect partis of cream, cream sable, orange sable, extreme partis (mostly white), and black.  More colors may be born, but I won't know until the package arrives.  Breeding by Prayer Paw Puppies

Charlie x Chanel
Chanel is a beautiful girl.  She is a larger framed dog but is very nice.  She has a good pedigree.  I expect chocolate partis with and without tan.  Her puppies will be great for producers (nice size) or pets. Their faces will be nice. Due Oct. 2020 Breeding by Prayer Paw Puppies
Stryker x Chandra (not pictured but out of Flash and Jewel)
I expect blue, chocolate, black, or lavender merles with this breeding.  I don't think they will be partis, but could be a carrier.  They will be outstanding babies.  NOTE: They were running together, so I'm not positive they bred.  Due in October 2020​ 
Breeding by Prayer Paw
Bubbles x Fancy
Wow, will these be gorgeous babies.  I expect lavenders, chocolates, blues with and without merles, with and without partis.  They will be on the smaller end of the spectrum (fivish pounds) and could have blue eyes.  I can't wait to see what this breeding produces.  Due October, 2020 Breeding by Prayer Paw​
Bubbles X Sapphire 
This litter will be precious. I expect whites, black, lavender, and parties. They will be smaller as momma and daddy are in the 5 pound range. ​Due mid October, 2020 Breeding by BFF Puppies
Tiger X Wonder 
This litter will be stunning. We should get merles, chocolates, parties, and possible blue eyes. ​These puppies will be good breeders if interested. Due Late October, 2020 
Breeding by BFF Puppies​
Stryker x Marie 
This litter should have blue, parti, black, a good variety. The puppies will be smaller in the 5 pound range. Due late October, 2020
Breeding by BFF Puppies​​
Stryker X Rose
This is a first time litter for sweet Rose. I believe that is will be beautiful. There is a possibility for ​merles, black, blue, solids, and parties. They should be awesome. The puppies are expected to be smaller. Mom and dad are both in the 5 pound range. Due late October
Breeding by BFF Puppies​
Bubbles X Misti
First time litter for Misti. These babies are going to be darling. I am very anxious to see them. There is a possibility for merle, lavender, parties with tan, or solids. Small puppies on this litter also. Mom and dad are 5 to 6 pounds. Due ​late October, 2020 
Breeding by BFF Puppies​
Storm X Ivy 
This litter will be so cute! Lovley personality on both mom and dad,. There could be white, orange, sable, and parti. This is their first litter together. Due late October, 2020
Breeding by BFF Puppies​​
Storm X Daisy 
This litter will be white or creamy white. Beautiful little fluff balls. They will be good size probably charting for 6+. Due late October, 2020
Breeding by BFF Puppies ​​
King X Izzy
This will be the first litter between the two of them. I am anxious to see what it will bring. I would imagine there could be blue, chocolate, and possibly lavender. No Parties in this litter. Solid babies. They should also be a good size. I think charting for 6+. Due early November, 2020
Breeding by BFF Puppies. ​​​
King X Sassy 
This will be the first litter between them also. I would expect chocolate merel, chocolate and tan, or possibly blue. This will be a beautiful litter. Due early November, 2020
Breeding by BFF Puppies​​
Appolo X Dew Drop
This will be a super litter. They should have big, beautiful, and fluffy coats. Both momma and daddy have super sweet temperaments. ​Colors in this litter could be orange parti, sable parti, or whites. Due early November, 2020
Breeding by Bff Puppies​
Tiger X Georgia 
This will be their second litter together. Most likley charting for 4.5 to 5 lbs. They had a lavender merle last time. There could be lavender merle, chocolate merle, or possibly chocolate and tan. This will be a litter you do not want to miss out on. Due early November, 2020
Breeding by BFF Puppies​​​​​
Storm X Pansy
If you want white or cream this is the litter for you. They should have beautiful full coats. ​Adorable babies for sure. Due early November, 2020 
Breeding by BFF Puppies​
Bubbles X Amelia
This is their first litter together. They should have small babies. Parents are both around the 5 pound range. I would expect blue, lavender, with tan markings, and parties. They should have cute little faces. A georgous litter you do not want to miss out on. Due mid November, 2020
Breeding by BFF Puppies​
Lumos X Cassie 
This is their first litter together. If you want whites look no further. These two should have stunning pups. Due mid November, 2020
Breeding by BFF Puppies ​
King X Rainbow 
This will be Rainbow's first litter. I cannot wait to see what colors there will be. There should be chocolate merle, chocolate and tan. Possibly lavender and blues. They will have stunning ​coats. They will be good size pups possibly 6+ lbs. Due mid/late November
Breeding by BFF Puppies​