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A Pomeranian Paradise
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BFF Puppies​
PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AS WE DETERMINE VALUE OF DOG AS IT GROWS.  *If you put down a deposit, the price is locked down.  
Patty                       Pet only $2000
Black and tan 
DOB: 11/5/21
Charlie x Diamond​ (black and tan not pictured)
This girl is beautiful!  She has a short nose and she has a nice coat.  She will make the perfect pet.  We have four Charlie house dogs because we love him so much. Right now, I'm offering Patty as pet only and a lower price due to possibly having a small inguinal hernia (or she may just be fat). It is so hard to tell at this age but it is not life threatening.  I don't even think it's bad enough for surgical repair but would not be ideal for breeding. A vet will check her over before she leaves. ​If you are interested in this little dream, contact Sheri with Prayer Paw Puppies. TEXT/call 417-207-0760 or email
Merry            $2800 pet / $3800 breeding rights
​Joker x Touched
DOB: 11/29/21​
     Joker is GCH sired (AKC) and Touched is CH sired (AKC). This should be a very nice​ girl. His mom is in the six pound range and Joker is upper fours, so I expect Merry to mature in the five pound range. In 2022, put a little Merry in your year. To reserve this diva, please contact Sheri with Prayer Paw Puppies. TEXT/call 417-207-0760 or email ​​​​
Sire: Joker
Betty $3000 pet / $4000 breeding rights
Flash x Fancy
DOB: 12/19/21
Ready by late Feb to mid March
Chocolate Merle
Betty was named in honor of the late Betty White. She will be nearly as infamous. She has beauty, poise, and Pom type. With her developing regal personality, what more could you ask for?  Betty is out of a litter of four, Betty is the largest, but still will be small.  I expect her to mature in the five pound range, but possibly might hit six. For more information, please contact Sheri with Prayer Paw Puppies.  TEXT/call 417-207-0760 or email me at ​​​
Shirley                      $2600 pet / $3200 full rights
Eclipse x Autumn (pictured in this ad)
DOB: 1/1/22 (Probably ready end of Feb)
Orange Sable or Chocolate Sable​ Parti Extreme
           My first litter of the year is something special. These dogs are amazing! Eclipse is a merle out of King (on this website) by Autumn, a lavender girl with a Finch sire (Autumn's grandsire is CH Finche's Flying High Parti). Bottom side of her pedigree is Pearl Moon's lines. ​​​Autumn is a bigger girl of about nine pounds, and Eclipse is upper six near seven. These puppies are going to be on the bigger end. It's too early for me to tell if they will be mom's size (or maybe bigger). Still, with the pedigree, you can breed the size down with a smaller male. (Personally, I like the slightly bigger than standard size for less breeding problems). If you're interested, please contact Sheri with Prayer Paw Puppies TEXT/call 417-207-0760 or email ​