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A Pomeranian Paradise
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BFF Puppies​
PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AS WE DETERMINE VALUE OF DOG AS IT GROWS.  *If you put down a deposit, the price is locked down.  
Sheba  $1650 Pet only
Lumos x Macey
DOB: 1/25/20
White parti​
This girl is STUNNING!  Her daddy is from Russian imported lines where her maternal grandsire is from Taiwan (Chiao Li Ya lines).​ There are LOTS of whites in her pedigree.  If you want a gorgeous short nose and huge coat, then Sheba is for you.  She is very small and does have an open font, but it is closing rapidly. At the rate it's going, I believe it will very small by the time she goes.  I also believe she could have an underbite (hard to tell at this point).  For these reasons, she is only offered as a pet  Contact Sheri for more information TEXT/call 417-207-0760 or email​
Pitter                    $1000 pet only
Lumos x Velvet
DOB: 1/25/20
Black Parti (could have tan?)​
This girl is very small at this point.  She could grow out of it, but I doubt it.  She is doing okay - I want to watch her before taking a deposit.  She will be small - probably four pound range.  She would not be a good breeding dog due to her small size, so pet only..  Pitter had a rapidly closing open font, so it should be much smaller by the time she goes.  This is typical in the tinies.  Vet says it will most likely close up by a year, and he isn't concerned.  This is why I'm offering her at a reduced pet only price.  Contact Sheri with Prayer Paw Puppies - TEXT/call 417-207-0760 or email
Misty                   $1500 pet only
Lumos x Velvet
DOB: 1/25/20
Blue sable parti (I believe)
This little girl may or may not grow out of her little size.  She had a rough start, but she has finally decided to eat on her own.  When they start off slow, it may be an indicater of adult size, and it may not.  
She does have a fairly large open font at this point (normal in tinies) but is reducing rapidly in size since birth.  It may be very small by the time she is ready to go.  Vet says by a year, it will mostly likely close.  For this reason, she is pet only at a reduced price. She'll be gorgeous.  TEXT/call 417-207-0760 or email ​​​​