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A Pomeranian Paradise
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BFF Puppies​
PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AS WE DETERMINE VALUE OF DOG AS IT GROWS.  *If you put down a deposit, the price is locked down.  
Maddie  (Champion great grandsired)    $1500 pet / $1800 full rights
Black & Tan with white spot on chest
Weaver x Dixie ​
DOB: 4/23/2017
Ready to go with 2 pounds (after June 19)
This little dark prima donna is AKC champion great grandsired and will be your fur-ever shadow!  She has a stunning face and her inky black fur with amaze you with its texture.  Maddie is charting in the five pound range as an adult. If interested, please contact Sheri with Prayer Paw Puppies. TEXT/call 417-207-0760 or e-mail​​​​​
TOSHA                          $2,000 PET ONLY - includes microchip 
Blue x Rain
DOB: 3/24/17
Ready to go at 12 weeks (From 6/16 to 6/22)
​     This little diva is only charting 3.5 to 4 pounds, and is oh, so little!  Tosha is very healthy and doing very well!  Tosha also has a finger-sized open font, but I have never had one (yet) not heal by they time they were a year old.  No small children (under ten) because a small fall could be fatal to a puppy this little.   If you have always wanted a pocket sized puppy, Tosha is for you!   If you're interested in this little diva please contact Sheri with Prayer Paw Puppies.  TEXT / call 417-207-0760 (No voicemail) or e-mail
Mira (AKC)
Blue x Luna
Blue Parti
DOB: 05/04/2017
Ready to go to her forever home on 06/29/2017 OR at 2 lbs.
​ Mira was named after the giant red star. Her bombacious personality matches the size of this star. Mira loves to play almost as much as she loves to be held. Mira's face will be in the middle of a teddy bear and a fox. She will not have an extremely wide muzzle, but it will be short. Mira's expected weight at maturity will be 5 pounds. If interested, contact Mikaela with Lovely Little Pom Puppies. Call or text Mikaela at 4175271577 or email

Pet: $1,500/Full: $1,800
AKC AGGIE                     $1550 Limited $1750 Full
Bubbles X Izzy
D.O.B. 06/03/2017​​ White Cream (possible Parti)​
Ready to go home 08/05/2017 - First shipping date 08/08/2017​

Aggie is a beautiful white cream doll baby. She is going to make someone a wonderful companion. She will have a stunning coat of hair. She won't be available long. So don't let her slip away​​. 
Contact Jean at BFF Puppies Call/Text 417-259-2800 email at
AKC Aggie
Black Tri Parti
Carlos x Sapphire
DOB: 5/29/17
Ready to go at 2 pounds or 12 weeks (7/24 - 8/22)​​​​
 This girl is beautiful!  She will be the apple of your eye!  Both parents are small, but since she is an only pup, we will see how Bebe progresses!  ​Make Princess Bebe part of your future!  Contact Jean at BFF Puppies Call/Text 417-259-2800 email at 
Limited $1600 Full $1800