We GUARANTEE our puppies to be in good health at the time of sale, free from any life threateningcongenital defects/infectious disease (ie: Heart, Kidney, Lung failure, Parvo,etc.). Everything possible has been done to keep each and every puppy/dog healthy and happy on our premises.  
    ​    The new buyer MUST have their puppy into a vet within THREE days of possession.
**If the vet finds a life-threatening conditions present, you AGREE TO NOTIFY US THE SAME DAY as your initial vet visit, and we will replace your puppy with one (as soon as one is available) of equal or lesser value upon return of the original puppy, reg. papers, and written documentation and reports from the examining vet to us.

​​**The buyer is responsible for all shipping cost and any/all vet expenses.

We DO NOT GUARANTEE: the ability to breed, size, coat color, confirmation, or disposition of the puppy at maturity. (We will provide a guestimate of adult size based on the weigh chart, parents’ weights, and the history of what our dogs produce.)  This health guarantee does not cover hypoglycemia, coccidiosis, giardia, allergies, respiratory infections, luxating patellas, internal/external parasites or any other non-life threatening conditions once the puppy has left our care.     **Hypoglycemia (sugar shock) prevention is the responsibility of the buyer. We recommend Nutrical or similar product to be kept on-hand (especially with Poms under two pounds at eight weeks) – In cases these products are not on hand, peanut butter mixed with honey will suffice until Nutrical can be purchased.

**If the buyer neglects to have the puppy checked by a certified veterinarian within 3 days of arrival,         ALL GUARANTEES ARE NULL AND VOID.  

   ​ We will have the puppy examined and checked by a licensed vet for overall health. A signed health certificate will be provided at eight weeks (or other if arrangements are made).

    If you purchase a puppy from us, you are agreeing to our policy and terms concerning our puppy contract (listed here) and guarantees!(Please print off our contract, sign, and fax/mail back to the corresponding seller).

    Purchase price includes: available (but specified) puppy of your choice. (Once you choose your puppy, you are “locked in” to that puppy – no switching after money has been received without forfeiting the already paid funds); AKC registration paperwork (or in a few cases, ACA registration paperwork); vet check with health certificate signed by our vet prior to shipping; UTD worm prevention, vaccinations (EIGHT WEEK puppies will have two parvo shots at six and eight weeks, and a Bordetella – “Kennel Cough” vaccination), and if applicable, any medical treatment records.

****Your puppy must be PAID IN FULL by the time it is 10 weeks old. If it is not paid for in full by that time, we will relist the puppy, and you WILL NOT BE REFUNDED ANY MONEYS paid towards the balance.

*We WILL hold a puppy up to twelve weeks under extenuating circumstances (the puppy is too small to ship or personal issues), but we must have received the full payment by the puppy's tenth week of age. There WILL be an additional fee of $50 to pay for vaccinations (third Parvo and Rabies) for puppies kept over ten weeks.

​​***ONLY IF APPROVED BY SELLER IN WRITING and there are VERY special circumstances will we hold puppies for more than 12 weeks. There is an additional charge of $20 a week beyond the first 12 weeks for puppies remaining with us. We must pay for additional worming, care, cleaning, food, and space needed. We sell puppies at eight weeks and do not plan to accommodate puppies older than this.

*​BFF and Prayer Paw Puppies assume no financial responsibility after the Pomeranian leaves the premises. This is included but not limited to: medical expenses, landlords' disapproval, allergy to animals, mortality, disagreement of family or spouse, or any other reason except congenital birth defect causing death.

All puppies are sold as "pet quality", even if they display show potential.​​
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