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Expecting Puppies:
Prayer Paw Puppies
​A Pomeranian
This is a puppy from PrayerPawPuppies  (Jasper x Georgina)

First I want to say that if you are looking for a specific puppy, keep a close eye on our website!  

I don't have a "waiting list" and do not want to do this because it is a lot of work. If you check back with me often, you do the work and it's free.

I am not the best at updating this page, so just watch our available puppy page or shoot me a text weekly if you want the "jump" on listed puppies.​​

*As the breeder, we retain the right to always have first pick of the litter.   ​

​Litters expected at the end of September 2023:

​Maverick x Dream

These will be beautiful puppies!  Dream always has large litters (5-6 pups). She is one of my biggest poms, but many times, her puppies are 
six pounds at maturity (Minerva is about mid six and Luna is upper five).
Any and all colors are expected except orange. They will have teddy bear faces and be super pretty. I'm tempted to keep one, so first choice may be spoken for (not sure - I don't need to keep any more for a while)

Maverick x Heaven​

These babies will, most likely, be show quality.  Heaven won toy group in beginner puppy at the end of 2022. I chose not to show her further because of the expense and I was trying to focus more on Dani and Happy at the time.  I decided not to have more competition with myself (LOL)​​​. I do expect sable partis or chocolates (Heaven's sire is Charlie, and chocolate tri parti - Beau James lined)