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Our Kennel Facilities:
A Pomeranian Paradise
Jean Anderson, Sheri's mother who is now retired, designed her ten-run kennel building.  Sheri built hers based on Jean's design.  The biggest difference is the additional run in Sheri's.  Both are heated in the winter and cooled in the summer.  The concrete floors inside are treated to make cleaning easier.  The doggie doors (both plastic and insulation flaps) combined with metal doors help to keep the building temperature inside more regulated.  The dogs can go in and out to gravel runs at will.  Each run has plenty of room for exercise.

We do not use potty pads to train.  The puppies basically learn to use the doggie doors from watching their mothers go in an out.  They train themselves.  Most use the doors on their own by eight weeks unless they are exceptionally small.  ​​  However, when at a new home, these youngsters will need training to learn the method you choose for your baby.  

These are pictures of our kennel so our possible and existing clients can see what our dogs call home.