BFF Puppies (Best Friends Fur-ever)ANDPrayer Paw Puppies   
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Our Breeding Females:
A Pomeranian Paradise
AKC white
Prayerpaw Chantilly Lace (Lacey)
 pounds  (Storm x Daisy)
AKC black brindle (with wolf sable undertones)
Pom-Derosa To Prayerpaw's Sadie Lady
6 pounds  (purchased)​​
AKC Black Merle
Prayerpaw's Cruella De Vil
4.75 pounds (King x Dot) - Rain's full sister​
BFF Puppies​
AKC Black & Tan Merle Parti
Prayerpaw Jewel of the Nile
​​ pounds (Carlos x Diamond)

AKC Blue Sable
Prayerpaw Blue Velvet
7 pounds  (King x Faith)
AKC White
Prayerpaw And a Pretty Face (Macey)
 pounds (Storm x Daisy)​​
AKC Blue w/ white markings
BFF's Blue Izzy
8.5 lbs (Thunder X Mary)​​
AKC Cream Merle
BFF's She's a Rare Wonder
8.6 pounds (Willa X Thunder)
AKC Orange Sable Parti - CH sired
​Oliver's Touched by a Angel
5.3 pounds 
AKC Creamy White
BFF's Paradise Pansy
 pounds, Ice X Willa​​
AKC Black and tan merle parti 
Prayerpaw Pebbles on the Beach
pounds (King x Snow White)​​
AKC Orange Sable
Karakoussis & Prayerpaw Gotta Have Faith​
6​.3 pounds (Storm x Wolfie's sister)
AKC True Blue Merle
Prayerpaw Mis Ali's Love Dove
5.5 pounds  (Blue x Skyy - King/Dot)​​
AKC Black & Tan Parti
BFF's Myrtle's MARIE
​6.5 lbs. (Tiger X Myrtle)
AKC Black/Tan piebald parti
BFF's​ Coco'sSapphire
5.0 lbs.  (Coco & Pearl)​
AKC Choc/Merle
​BFF's Blue Skyler 
7.0 lbs(Bubbles & Glory)
AKC Blue/Tan Parti
​BFF's Bubbling Brooke
6.5 lbs. (Bubbles X Izzy)​
AKC White
BFF'S Stormy ​​Cassie
10 lbs   (Storm X Daisy)

AKC White with cream
BFF's Tracie
8.0 lbs (Storm X Pansy)​​
AKC Beaver Merle
BFF's Storybook Goldie
5.0 lbs. (Coco X Carmel)​​
AKC chocolate merle
BFF's I'm a little Sassy
9.5 pounds (Coco & Speckles)​
AKC Blue Parti
BFF's June Bug
6.9 lbs (Bubbles X Izzy

AKC Chocolate Parti
Brooke & Prayerpaw's Coco
​10 lbs (Grizzly x dam not owned by me)
AKC Cream Sable Parti
Karakoussis Life's A Dance At Prayerpaw​​
6 lbs 
after summer shed
AKC Chocolate Merle
Prayerpaw's Chocolate Fancy
​6. lbs (Charlie x Rain)
AKC Black with White Markings
Prayerpaw's Twilight's Onyx
5.5 lbs (Lumos x Shadow)

AKC Lavender and Tan Merle
Prayerpaw Lavender Dust
6 lbs (King x Rain)
AKC (Black) Merle Parti 
Nadyas Djs Blazing Shooting Star
11 lbs   (purchased)

AKC Chocolate / Tan Merle Parti
BFF's Georgia on my Mind
7.5 lbs (Grizzly X Rain)
AKC Blue Merle Parti
BFF'S Ring Around The Rosie
5.5lbs  (TigerXAngel)​​​
AKC Creamy White 
BFF'S Greater Than The Galaxy
6.5 Lbs (Bubbles X Gidget)​​​
AKC Chocolate and Tan
Prayerpaw Almost Paradise
​​8 pounds  (Charlie x Shadow)

AKC Chocolate Merle Parti
BFF'S Princess Zena
8 lbs (Speckles X Coco)​​​
AKC White w/ Merle Markings
BFF'S Blue Eyes
5.9 lbs (Tiger X Sassy)​
AKC Black Parti Piebald
BFF's Lets Play Yatzee
5.0 lbs. (Carlos & Sapphire)​
AKC Chocolate & Tan
BFF's Chocolate Godiva
6 lbs.  (Tiger X Gidget)​​
AKC Beaver Merle Parti 
BFF'S Clear Blue Maya
6.0 lbs (Coco X Wonder)​
AKC Chocolate and Tan Merle
BFF'S Misti Raindance​
6.0 lbs (Charlie X Rain)​
AKC Chocolate Merle Parti
Rainbow's Wonder
8.4 lbs (Coco X Wonder)​
AKC Chocolate and Tan Parti
BFF'S Mini Kira
4.8 lbs (Coco X Pearl)​​
AKC White 
BFF's Snowflake
5.5 lbs (Tiger X Sassy)​​
Photos coming soon
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