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"I was on the search for the perfect dog for my 4 year old son. We recently doggy sat for a long time friend who has a Pomeranian. My friend was pregnant and needed a break so I decided to help her out. We watched her dog for about 2 months. My son grew very attached to her dog so when it was time for the dog to leave my son cried his eyes out and was extremely sad and heart broken. I spoke with my friend and we decided the best thing to do is get him his own. I wanted to surprise him and put that smile back on his face. I only wanted a Pomeranian so We can tell my son it was the sibling of the dog we watched.
     I looked for a month... Me and my pregnant friend went searching every pet shop we can find in our area. I came across a few that were cute but I just didn't feel like that pup was THE ONE. As I continued to search I came across a beautiful pup on Sheri's page... I fell in love with Tootsie. I emailed her right away(late at night) and I was surprised to get a response so quick. I showed my husband the pic and he said tootsie was adorable. I showed my pregnant friend who I doggy sat for and she said... That dog is beautiful. I continued to email and text Sheri with questions. The next day I went back to a pet shop and took my son to see his reaction.. We saw a cute little cream color pom and we spent some time with her there and played with her... But I didn't get that feeling like when I saw Tootsie on Sheri's page. I called my husband and said.. OK I saw a cute pom and our son liked her. He said OK what happen with the pup you showed me on the website? I said, I love her but she's too far away and I don't know I'm just afraid to lose out on so much money... What if I get scammed? He said to me... Babe listen to what you just said.. U said you love that dog from the web site and you like the dog in the store... Go with your gut.. If you truly feel in love with that pup and you're telling me the lady seems loyal.. Then take your chance.
     That's all he had to say...
     I told Sheri I wanted her and she promised me Tootsie was mine. I picked her up in the airport one week later. Her flight was delayed due to the snow here in NY but Sheri made sure she called to update me. I was so anxious and my son had no idea why we were waiting in the airport. When her flight arrived me and my husband couldn't wait to see the look on my son face. I opened her kennel up and our came the cutest puppy ive ever seen. My son was so excited and when I told him it was HIS puppy his facial expression was PRICELESS.! He said she's never gonna leave me? I said no babe she's all yours. I automatically called Sheri to tell her I was in love and so thankful for my new pup.
     It's going to be 1 month now of having her and we couldn't be more happier. We still call her tootsie but we also call her Foxy Roxy and she is responding to both names. She's already trained to go on the wee wee pad. We had a few accidents but she's learning so quickly what's right and wrong. I have kept in touch with Sheri and I update her all the time. I have even formed a friendship with Sheri and her daughter Emily... we text all the time. I am so grateful for Sheri cause if it weren't for her I wouldn't have such a Foxy smart Pomeranian.  Thanks Sheri!!!!" 
    ​*Review by Annie received on     3/18/14 

    ​    THANK YOU ANNIE!!!!  I'm glad we grew our business transaction into a friendship!  That is A.W.E.S.O.M.E.!!!!!
A Pomeranian Paradise
    (Ice x Bree)​
 "When we thought about getting another dog after losing our 10 year old Pomeranian to a stroke, we didn't think any dog could fill the hole in our hearts. We did extensive research and looked at a lot of breeders, we came across Prayer Paw Puppies a few times during our search, and each time their puppies were the ones that caught our eyes. This was our first time ordering a puppy online so we were nervous and had a lot of questions. Sheri was very friendly and happily answered all of our questions. Dazzle (renamed Gizmo) is a super happy, energetic, adorable puppy who has wormed his way into our hearts. Even my father (who doesn't like small dogs) had fallen completely head over heels for him!"  *Katie on     3/2/14 

    ​    THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH, KATIE!!!!!  Keep in touch!!! <3
"As a child I always loved animals, especially dogs. Growing up I always promised myself I would eventually buy my own to grow old with. When the time came to finally pick a puppy I automatically knew I wanted a Pom, but just didn't know from where or whom. I did extensive research on breeders around the country, and one of the few breeders I booked marked was Prayer Paw Puppies. I found myself constantly going online to see what was available, and to see how adorable the puppies were. I planned on buying my puppy and having him sent for Christmas, but when I laid my eyes on a September baby I could not give up the chance of missing this beautiful boy. Sheri was amazing. She was so calm and patient with all my questions and dog obsessions. Since Sheri is in Missouri, I had to have my puppy sent across the country to Massachusetts. This made me worried, but Sheri assured me that everything would be fine, and it was. I am so thankful I found Sheri because my puppy is amazing; Cole has a beautiful teddy bear face, amazing coat, and unbelievable personality. I cannot imagine myself with another dog than the one I received from Sheri. Cole Is very well socialized, with people and dogs. He loves kids, and did extremely well in his puppy training class. He did so well that he is in the process of becoming a therapeutic dog. If I had to sum up my experience with Sheri in one word I would choose the word “astonishing”, because I received such a great service and a even better product. Stop debating and buy the puppy of your dreams from Sheri!"   *Kishory     3/14/14 
​      THANKS, KISHORY!  8))  I appreciate getting to know you!  <3
Although FAR from ugly, Cole is going through his "puppy uglies". 
Co-Co x Dutchess
Zip x Cookie
Lance x Holly
We were a little worried at first about shipping the puppy from Missouri to Illinois. When we picked him up from the airport, he was immediately so playful and loving. He's the most outgoing, adorable, and playful little fluffball. Everyone loves Remy (formerly Blizzard). Even our ten year old Corgi enjoys running around the house with the little guy. He's so soft, cuddly, and adorable. He's also extremely smart; he really amazes us. Remy will be loved! Thanks Sheri! 
    ​Review date:     4/20/14
Thanks so much, Hanna! I'm so glad you love him!  <3​
Jasper x Paris
We were so excited to get our new puppy from Sheri.  When we saw this girl, we loved her immediately!  Our little Diva is a wonderful, frisky, loving, and intelligent dog!  All of Sheri’s dogs are beautiful and sweet.  They obviously get exemplary care.  - Charles and Margaret Willson, Shawnee, Kansas     4/19/14

Thanks, both of you!  Charles and Margaret, I enjoyed meeting you when you came to pick up your puppy!  Sheri
Jasper x Paris
At first when I decided to adopt a dog, I've looked everywhere to find the perfect dog that matched me, but I found none.  When I did find a Pom that interested me, the breeders were so disrespectful and weren't nice. When I’d ask them a question through e-mail, they didn't even bother replying to me! (I wanted a white Pom). Also all the ones I saw weren't good looking; it made me wonder, "Are Pomeranians this ugly?” I was really tired of searching for a puppy that also came from a good breeder, so I decided to wait until I saw the “perfect dog”. With a last hope, I decided to look at "Prayer Paw Puppies". I saw a little puppy that looked like a piglet. But Cho-mi (which is my pup) was little different than the other dogs… It just came to me. I had a strong feeling that he'd be part of my family! It was a late night, but I couldn't wait to e-mail Sheri. Even though I emailed her very late, Sheri replied very quickly, her response was packed with detailed information, and it had a nice tone! It was my first time getting a puppy so I literally asked her many questions through e-mail. I could have annoyed her, but Sheri was so caring and answered my tons of questions kindly.  I really liked the puppy and the BREEDER!  …So I decide to buy Cho-mi. I asked Sheri to send recent pictures of Cho-mi every 2 weeks; Sheri sent them every week to ten days! I can tell how Sheri loves her Pom business. She is very respectful with her job. Honestly, I was really thankful for Sheri’s care because it really worried me for the little baby going on a plane by himself. Buying a dog from stranger (breeder) in another state that I don't even know and by just looking at few pictures is a scary adventure, but Sheri reassured me. Now, Cho-me is right next to me! He is very energetic, adorable, and very healthy little boy. I am very thankful to Sheri for keeping him in a really healthy condition. Even now, Sheri is still telling me good tips about how to care for my puppy and keep him healthy, too.  Thank you again, Sheri! <3  - Yujin     4/21/14 

      ​​Thank you so much, Yujin!  You are an awesome young lady!!!!  Thanks, also, for keeping in touch!  <3
Co-Co x Daisy
August 24, 2014  
    ​​I first want to say I love Sheri! She was very helpful at a time I wasn't too trusting of buying a puppy online without seeing the dog at the same time I was giving my money. I had just went through almost being scammed when I decided to get a puppy. Sheri was very understanding and stayed in contact no matter what time of the day I may have had questions or concerns, she was there. She gained my trust, and I was able to move past my fears, and I found this lil guy on her site. I fell in love with him instantly. He is very loveable and full on energy and just a fun funny puppy! I'm so glad I found Prayer Paw Puppies I tell my friends and family about my experience and how great it was. Thanks again Sheri!!  

Dene', thanks so very  much!  I am so happy that I got to meet you and you love your new baby!  It is so important for me to know what great homes my babies go into!  Thanks for keeping in touch!  <3​​
Ice x Hazel
     My wife and I recently decided to look into getting a Pomeranian puppy to add to our family.  I searched on the internet for breeders and found many but wanted to be sure I found one that was not a puppy mill.  I returned several times to prayerpawpuppies.com not only because they had some beautiful Pomeranian puppies available for adoption but also because it appeared that Sheri Chapman (the breeder) really cared about the dogs and had a passion for Pomeranians.  My wife and I fell in love with a little boy named “Woody”.  I really like to see the character of the dog and how they interact with others so I asked Sheri if she could send me a video of Woody which she graciously did the next day.  This made us fall in love with him even more.  He was 8 weeks old and you could tell he was very well socialized and had a great demeanor.  We put a deposit on Woody the next day.
         Sheri and I email​ed each other several times and she was always quick to answer my questions and provide any information that I needed.  My wife and I decided that one of us should fly out to bring Woody back home and I was lucky enough to be able to work it in my schedule.  I met Sheri in person and had an opportunity to see her kennel.  The kennel was very clean and the dogs very well taken care of.  You can tell how much both Sheri and the dogs love each other and the connection they have.  Woody and I left for our flight back to Philadelphia after Sheri provided me with all the necessary paperwork, food and answering all my questions.  Woody was great on the flight and slept most of the trip home. 
         We have renamed him “Teddy” after spending time with him at home.  He has a great personality and loves to play.  He is already asking to go out to “do his business” and is now learning a few tricks.  Teddy has been a great addition to our family and I would highly recommend that if you are interested in adopting a Pomeranian to use Sheri Chapman.  All around it was a great experience.
                                                                                                                               - Fritz 
    ​                                                                                                                                               August 29, 2014

THANK you SOOO much for the AWESOME​​​ review, Fritz!  It was a pleasure meeting you!  I am humbled!  I'm so glad Teddy has a wonderful new home!  <3

I have known Sheri for close to year now. Over that time we have become fellow breeders and close friends. She kept me up-to-date on all her new litters born, there were a few I liked, but I was being super picky, and thankfully she was fine with that. After she messaged me about a little chocolate merle parti female that she just had born, I knew I had found the perfect puppy.

    After watching my new baby grow, from weekly pictures I couldn't wait to bring her home. Every question I had Sheri answered very quickly, sometimes within a few minutes. When "Sleeping Beauty" now named "Bliss Kiss" was 11 weeks old, I was finally able to see her. She was everything that Sheri said she was and so much more! Her first night she did wonderful, she woke me up twice, and once let her outside she went potty. And once I put her back in her bed, she slept until morning. 
October 9, 2014

THANK YOU for YOUR friendship, Kirstie!  I am very honored!  I really enjoy our relationship!  :)​​​
Indy (Wolfie and Buzz's sire) X Sugar
CoCo x Dot
It was great to work with Sheri to find our Bruno Valentino.  He required some extra care and encouragement and Sheri made sure that he received all of that and more.  She made sure he was strong and healthy before he came to his forever home.
November 2, 2014​

Thank you, Marc and Rod!  I have enjoyed our continued friendship!  I love getting to know you and your delightful business, Iced Bakery​!  Thank you so much for all the updates!  LOVE IT!!!!
It's me Sandy Mauro again, well, where do I begin? A little over a year ago I found the puppy of my dreams on an advertising site!!! She is everything and more!!!! Experience has been amazing!!!!! Living in Italy, it's very hard to find parti Pomeranians, I found her, and she came from Jean Anderson of BFF Puppies (prayerpawpuppies.com). What a wonderful person! She was so helpful in every way, answering every question, sending weekly pictures, was a great experience. So great that I decided to find a friend for Halo!!! So I decided to start looking for a friend for Halo. I was looking on the advertising site for Pomeranians again, and seeing all the other colors of Poms! Wow! Low and behold, there he was! A beautiful extreme piebald blue merle Pomeranian, just perfect, so I saw that he belonged to Prayer Paw Puppies, (Jean’s daughter),  Sheri!  You know she’s just as sweet and understanding as her mother! Great team! Both so caring and loving to their babies, you can tell! It shines through to their puppies (babies). Anyway, I wrote a message to Sheri, that I was interested in O’Malley (now Shade), and she wrote me right back.  Even though she was on vacation, she took time to answer my question! Great Great person! Knowing I was planning a trip to the states in October, the puppy was born in June, she was even willing to hold him till October when we could come and pick him up! Jean and Sheri dedicate their lives making people happy, and filling our lives with little bundles of love!!! Sheri even helped me get all the paper work done, which is a lot, so the puppy can enter into Italy, and with the help of Ryan, her vet, they were able to, in a short time, get all the paperwork done. We flew home with Delta Airlines, with the puppy in cabin with us, no problems.  You would think the baby was born to fly, 20 hours of flying and airports no problems, no stress they both acted like they always done it. I think it's in the breeding, not only beautiful babies but level headed, sound babies; they look at everything as a party!!!!! A SPECIAL THANKS TO EVERYONE THAT HAS PLAYED A PART IN MAKING OUR DREAMS COME TRUE!!!!!!! I highly recommend Next Day Pets, AND Jean Anderson and daughter, Sheri Chapman!!!! They are the best; I would definitely buy all my Poms from them and recommend anyone else, too. They have beautiful, exotic Pomeranians that everyone wants when they see them!!!
November 4, 2014​

We are so honored to have met such sweet people who are a dream to work with!  Thank you for your patients with me and all my questions!  ​​Anytime you want to visit, come on back!  You are ALWAYS welcomed!  I have the sweet gift of the potpourri puppy from Italy (decoration) on my work desk to remind me of what a blessing it is to meet other dog people!  You are right, I LOVE my dogs and LOVE meeting others who love dogs!  (I inherited my passion from my idol: my mother!  :)  Thank you so much!  Sheri (and Jean)
Halo: (Sire has been rehomed)                         Shade: CoCo x Dot
                 ​but mother is Kysha
Thank you so much Rev. Rob & Sheryl.  You have made my life better just knowing you, and I appreciate so much your giving Diamond such a good life.  They all deserve it, and you have a 5 star rating!!!
CoCo x Daisy
We are the happiest new Pom parents and we could not be more pleased with how everything worked out with Prayer Paw Puppies! We received our new puppy Penelope just a little over a week ago and she arrived beautiful, clean, and healthy. Our vet even complimented our breeder on how well taken care of our pup was. Sheri was extremely helpful with any questions and sending us pictures before Penelope's arrival. Since this was our first time working with a breeder we did not know what to expect, but I don't think it could have gone any better and in the future when we get our next puppy, we will be going back to Prayer Paw Puppies for sure!

Patrick and Sarah​
May 14, 2015
Blue x Hazel
Thank you so much, Patrick and Sarah!  I am sooo glad you're happy with Penelope and your experience with me!  I look forward to keeping in contact and updates when you can!  <3
BFF Puppies​
Since I got my sweetheart Bliss Kiss I have had my eye on Sheri's litters. On May 1st Sheri let me know that she had two litters born, one from Bliss's mom Dot & King , and one from Paris & Lance. Both litters were amazing but I was really looking for a chocolate parti. Paris had two piebald chocolate parti girls. But little Veruca really stole my heart, she had the little nose, and a really nice teddy bear shape, she was everything that I was looking for. Sheri kept me updated week to week about my baby's progress, even sent an adorable little video of her.

On August 25th, I went up to the Salt Lake Airport here in Utah to pick her up. My heart was pounding the whole way there, I just couldn't wait to meet her. When they finally brought her kennel out I started to cry because Veruca now named Phoenix Rayne was everything and more that Sheri said she was going to be.

Now on September 2nd I have had Phoenix for a week, and she is doing amazing! The other dogs really seem happy to have a puppy in the house again; even her bigger sister Bliss really seems to love having her around. And you can tell they are related, they are both so loving always wanting to sit on your chest and be petted, staying right at your side. I always said I was going to get another one of PrayerPaw's puppies and now I have her. If you have any doubts about getting a puppy from PrayerPaw's don't. Sheri and her mom know what they are doing, you will not regret getting on her puppies.

Thanks for your friendship Sheri!  Kirstie                                                                              Review Post Date: September 2, 2015

Kirstie, I love our friendship!  You have helped me out a lot!  ​​I can't wait to see future puppies from all your dogs!  Thank you for keeping me updated on your babies' progress!  I love it when I get to know and become friends with people who are now family!  Dogs mean so much more than many give them credit for!!!!! <3
Lance x Paris
Blue x Hazel