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A Pomeranian Paradise

​Before choosing one of our retired dogs please understand that they may take some time to warm up to their new environment. They are usually not like puppies who have never met a stranger - they can take several weeks to adjust. They require a home full of love an patience. You must look at it from their point of view. We at Prayer Paw are all that they have ever known. They have never been away from us, but we cannot keep all of our retirees, so I want a loving forever home for them to retire and enjoy the rest of their life.

They do know how to use a doggie door, but if you have one, they may be too scared to use in in a new environment.  Some people like to use potty pads to help. It just takes them getting used to your routine - maybe even longer than a puppy. They seem to do better with  another (small) dog in the home to learn from. They have been raised with other dogs so having another dog at home helps them relax and adjust. Not saying that you must have another dog, but they seem to do better with other dogs. They need someone that will be home with them and give them time to bond. They will not do good with someone who is never home to give them the attention that they need.

Kennel dogs that are placed into retirement homes
 will need a fenced-in yard or must ALWAYS be taken out on a leash. Leash training will also be new to them. You should use a harness with this breed as pulling on the leash or getting scared and trying to run off can damage their trachea if using a collar. You can use a collar for identification tags but just make sure to use a harness when on leash.  These dogs are in a new environment. If scared, they will run if not  contained in some way. They could run off and not know where to return.  They will make a wonderful new addition to your family if you are willing to give them the time, love, and patience they need to adjust. It will most likely take them a few months to completely adjust to their new home and environment. With all that being said if you think that they would be a good addition to your family please consider giving one of our sweet babies a home of their very own. They are very loving and such good dogs.