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Prayer Paw (Sheri & Mikaela)
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A Pomeranian Paradise
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BFF Puppies​​
PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AS WE DETERMINE VALUE OF DOG AS IT GROWS. *If you put down a deposit, the price is locked down.
Prayerpaw & BFF
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Cadbury              $2500 PET ONLY
Charlie x (Godiva not pictured - dark chocolate murky brindle)​
Grandsire: King​
DOB: 2/2/21
I had hopes to sell this boy as a breeding prospect because he has it all (or nearly), but as of now, he's cryptorchidism - only has one testicle. His bite is good and his coat is phenomenal. He's in his uglies, but is not ugly at all.  He will be a nice boy - five or six pound range at maturity. ​​He is the PERFECT pet!  Contact Sheri with Prayer Paw Puppies to arrange pick up or shipping.  TEXT/call 417-207-0760 or email