A  PomeranianParadise
created by BFF Puppies and Prayer Paw Puppies
BFF (Best Friends Forever)  and Prayer Paw Puppies
Rainbow Bridge -
​Tribute to our past babies!
Prayerpaw Candy Kisses
Lost to complications in a C-Section​
August '12 - May '15​
Sweet little Candy, you are very missed already!  I love you!
Marti crossed the Rainbow Bridge on May 31, 2015.  She was one week away from having puppies; she and her babies crossed together.  She is missed more than words can describe.  Run free, Marti!  Mamma misses you!

(Mis Ali's Chocolate Martini)​​
Owned by Amy, a dear friend​
Lance x Georgina
BFF Puppies​