BFF Puppies (Best Friends Fur-ever)and                Prayer Paw Puppies   
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AKC Orange Sable, 5.0 pounds
BFF's Wee Bit of Buzz (Indy CH x Sugar)

AKC  Chocolate Tri Parti,  6.0 pounds
 Mija's Co-Co Rolo  

A Pomeranian Paradise
AKC blue merle, 7.4 pounds
Angel Kisses Silver Rain
Angel is the foundation of our merle lines!  She is related to ALL our merles.  She whelped Daisy, Dot, Dutchess, and Thunder.  She is also the mother of Sugar.  All of our other merles came from these listed dogs. 
BFF Puppies​
AKC Chocolate Parti, 5.1 pounds
Prayerpaw Chocolate Boss Lance
AKC Chocolate Merle, 6 pounds 2 ounces  (Lance x Angel)
BFF & Prayerpaw's Thunder Royale