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A Pomeranian Paradise
    (Ice x Bree)​
People who accuse any breeder with a license of being a "Puppy Mill" have no idea what a true puppy mill is.  They think any person who breeds dogs to make money falls under this category, So... what IS a puppy mill?  Let me explain!

A Puppy Mill is an illegal operation in which dogs are treated inhumanely.  These "breeders" are in it solely for the money.  They sink the least amount of money possible into the dog to keep it alive and producing.  For example, dogs are not taken to the vet (or very rarely).  The cheapest food possible is purchased.  They are bred, time after time, until they can no longer reproduce or keep their puppies alive.  Their teeth are never cleaned and therefore rot in their mouths.  Many times, the cages they are kept in are excessively small and not clean - so the dog has to defecate and lay in its own feces.  Of course, this "burns" their skin and then their hair falls off and the skin develops sores.  The dogs are not wormed regularly or treated for fleas, ticks, or heart worms.  When the dog's usefulness expires, the dog is disposed of.  As you can guess, many of these people do NOT dispose of their dogs humanely.  They simply take the dog out and shoot it. ​

What are OUR practices with our dog-breeding?
We take great pride in the health, welfare, happiness, and exercise of our dogs.  ​​​​Everyone who visits our facilities comments on how clean it is and how happy our dogs are.  People who buy puppies compliment the level of socialization the he or she has received.

We are inspected by:
​    *  Missouri: - Animal Care Program (Missouri Department of Agriculture)
​          - We each have a license with MO State
                  ​- They ask to see our dogs and facility
                  - They view our
care records every time they visit for every dog  

  ​  * 
- We each have a license with USDA
- They ask to see our dogs and facility
                  - They view our care records every time they visit for every dog
  ​  *  V
eterinarian:   Annual  inspections (hands on) 
  ​  *  AKC: They look at the facilities, dogs, and our care records also.

Our kennels:
    ​* Are indoor/outdoor facilities where the dogs can go in and out as they ​please
          * Climate controlled:
      ​​         - Prayer Paw Puppies has a heated concrete floor system and an air ​conditioning unit
               - BFF puppies has a combination heat and cooling system (unit)
          *  The outdoor runs are larger than required by 2016 regulations, and the ​runs are composed
             ​of gravel to help clean easier and to keep the dogs ​off ​the dirt where ​parasites are more
          *  We have a three-door system where there is a plastic magnetic door ​on both sides (from
             ​indoor and from outdoor) with a flap of insulation ​between.  ​ ​​
      ​          - In addition, both kennels have an outdoor metal door to further insulate.  
      ​     *  The concrete is sealed for easier cleaning, and the wood is Thompson ​Water Sealed on   
               ​the ​outside​
           *  Our dogs have sterile, stainless steel water bowls and automatic dog ​feeders where
              ​their ​food is dispensed at will (We free feed Diamond ​Premium ​and Diamond Puppy).  In
              ​addition, ​we feed softened Diamond ​Puppy ​mixed with hot water, sardines or salmon, and
              ​vanilla ​yogurt to supplement nursing bitches and their puppies daily (morning and ​evening).​
           *  Our dogs are on a strict vaccination program where we regularly:     
                 - ​worm
                 - ​vaccinate
                 - heart worm prevention (as season requires)
                 - flea protection (as season requires)
                 - teeth cleaned once a year or as needed (if more often)
                 - vet visits as needed
           * Our dogs have clean blankets and toys to play with, and we run them ​with "friends" so they
             ​aren't alone.
           * We pet and play with our dogs every morning and evening (and ​sometimes, all day!)​
           * We groom or cut our dogs hair as needed by the season.  It is easier to keep the kennel
             ​​dog ​clean by keeping their hair shorter.  Males, also, work ​hard and in the summer, it can
             ​get to be
            ​ too much in the heat (even with the comfort of the air-conditioned inside).  We shave in the
             ​summer for ​our dogs' comfort.  ​
      ​​​     * Our practices with breeding are typically, breed two cycles, rest the third (or more if we
             ​believe it is needed).  We rehome our females when ​the time comes - either sell or give
             ​away as ​we see fit.  The home they go into is strongly considered.

We are so excited to add that we are going to start showing our babies!  We have a LOT to learn, but we are excited and look forward to the endeavor!  We love our Poms and spending time with them!
BFF Puppies​