Prayer Paw Puppies is a kennel facility with eleven runs for Pomeranian dogs. Our building is heated and air conditioned throughout the year, maintaining a stable temperature in the low to mid seventy degrees. Our dogs can go in and out at will onto gravel runs that can house up to six dogs per cage. They have food and water in front of them at all times. They are given toys to play with, companionship, and blankets to lay on. We check them multiple times a day and socialize them the best we can in an isolated location.

Why are they isolated?

We do not let our dogs out of the cages (unless they come into our house) because we have puppies at different stages of receiving vaccinations. If we let a dog be exposed to a contagion (by taking him/her to a high-traffic dog area), then if contracted, it can infect the entire kennel population. In this case, it’s better to be safe than sorry rather than to risk the lives of our cherished population.

We also have an “isolation” cage where we keep our show dogs for a few weeks after returning from a show or any new purchases until we are sure they are “safe” to return to their spot in the kennel.

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