PPP’S Puppy Chow Recipe:

(A general guideline as we do not measure - and we make a huge pot)


1 container of chicken liver 3 large handfuls fresh green beans (cut into small pieces)
1 package of beef liver

4 - 5 large carrots (cut into small pieces to avoid choking)
4 - 5 cups rice

6 - 8 asparagus stalks (tender cut into small pieces)
1 large can 100% pumpkin

1 large sweet potato (No skin & cut in small pieces)
1 piece of salmon or 4 fish oil pills

1.5 - 2 cups blueberries
.5 cup of powdered goat or lamb milk (an alternative is plain/vanilla yogurt or cottage cheese)

4 NuVet tabs (crushed) or you can use the powder form
.75 to 1 cup chia seeds

We also add the following but you will need to research how much to use in your batch: folic acid for nursing moms, turmeric, and Chia seeds


We boil the liver, fish or fish oil pills, and sometimes a few pieces of chicken thighs in a large pot of water. Chop veggies while the meat is cooking. Once the meat is done, we remove and cool. Next we cook the peeled sweet potatoes and carrots. When finished, remove and cool. Add rice (we tend to use Jasmine), Chia seeds, and the folic acid into broth. Stir then simmer until cooked. (Stir occasionally).
While the rice cooks, we grind the meat and the sweet potatoes/carrots and the green beans and asparagus (or you can dice/julianne). Once in a while, we add a can of shredded sardines in water or oil to the entire mixture.

While I’m grinding up the meat and vegetables (while rice is cooking), I soak the Diamond Naturals Small & Medium Puppy Food in hot water, pumpkin, and Nuvet - I want to get it to a mushy consistency. Then, after that soaks for a bit, I add all the other ingredients (meat, veges, hot rice, any broth) and mix it up. I make a lot, so we use a drill with a stirring paddle to mix. Stir thoroughly.

Once cooled, Mix well and keep adding water until the concoction is a soft food (very thick soup) consistency. We also add the NuVet at this point (and the Tumeric). Add a small amount of calcium (goat/lamb milk powder or yogurt) when you take out a serving size . This helps with the mama dog’s (and puppies’) calcium intakes as well.

Refrigerate (and you can also freeze any extras so you don’t have to make this recipe as frequently).