We will have the puppy examined and checked by a licensed vet for overall health. A signed health certificate will be provided within ten days of shipping.

We DO NOT GUARANTEE: the ability to breed, size, coat color or consistency, confirmation, or disposition of the puppy at maturity. (We will provide an estimate of adult size based on the weight chart, parents’ weights, and the history of what our dogs produce.) This health guarantee does not cover hypoglycemia, coccidiosis, giardia, allergies, respiratory infections, luxating patellas, internal/external parasites or any other nonlife-threatening conditions (ones that can be prevented OR traits that are not life threatening) once the puppy has left our care. Diseases contracted due to lack of diligence of vaccinations once they have left our care are also not covered.

**Hypoglycemia (sugar shock) prevention is the responsibility of the buyer. We recommend Nutrical or similar product (Dyne) to be kept on-hand (especially with pups under two pounds at time of rehoming) *In cases these products are not on hand, Karo syrup or even honey can be used on cases that aren’t too advanced. Then safe-for-dogs peanut butter mixed with honey or Karo Syrup may suffice until Nutrical or Dyne can be purchased. If it is an advanced case, please take your puppy immediately to the vet as dehydration, a coma, and even death can result. Please read about Hypoglycemia (See our website:
Please also be aware that many toy dogs can (and have) choked to death on bones, rawhides, or any mid to larger-sized treats. Please cut treats into very small pieces to avoid injury/death.

BUSINESS HOURS: Our operating business hours are 8:30 a.m. Central Standard Time to 8:30 p.m. If you need a time other than this to pick up your baby, we must be informed (and agree) in writing no later than two days before the date of pick up.

SHOW: All dogs (even if purchased for show) are sold as pet quality. We do not guarantee the ability to show in the ring. DEWCLAWS: Most of the time, we remove dewclaws from puppies when they are three days to one week old (unless we forget, it is not safe for the puppy, etc). We do not guarantee their removal or that they won’t grow back. We do not charge for this service, nor will we pay for it should you wish for any missed/regrown dewclaws to be removed. BREEDING DOGS: You agree that dogs purchased from us shall only be used on other registered Pomeranians. Please buy from someone else if you wish to breed designer dogs (Pomskies, Pomchis, etc.) We also would like our hard work shown on your dog’s papers. Please put “Prayerpaw'' in your dog’s registered name.

If you purchase a puppy/dog from us, you are agreeing to our policy and terms concerning our contract (listed here) and guarantees. Purchase price includes an available (but specified) puppy/dog of your choice. (Once you choose your puppy, you are “locked in” – no switching after money has been received without forfeiting the already-paid funds); AKC registration paperwork (with full rights payment or proof of neuter/spay); vet check with health certificate signed by our vet prior to shipping; UTD worm prevention, vaccinations (EIGHT WEEK puppies will have two parvo shots at about six and eight weeks – unless we delay shots due to our vet’s recommendation), and if applicable, any medical treatment records. We also wean the puppies at least one week before shipping/leaving.

*Puppies are NOT fully vaccinated against Parvo until they’ve had a minimum of four shots (and then they will require more to REMAIN fully vaccinated.) Your puppy is NOT coming with four shots, so please DO NOT put them on the ground in highly trafficked areas (gas stations, airport grass, etc). They could pick up parvo and with dogs this small, it could cost him/her his/her life. It’s best to be safe rather than sorry.

**If the vet finds a life-threatening (congenital) condition present, you AGREE TO NOTIFY US THE SAME DAY as your initial vet visit, and we will replace your puppy with one (as soon as one is available) of equal or lesser value upon return of the original puppy, reg. papers, and written documentation and reports from the examining vet to us. Note: If there is a puppy you desire that costs more than your purchase, you may pay the difference if that is the available puppy you want. Genetic results from on-line sellers will not be accepted as a diagnosis. Please see AKC link about genetic testing:

**IF your puppy passes away in the first year of life, in order to qualify for a replacement puppy, you must have a necropsy exam with documented findings by a DMV vet submitted to us in order to receive a credit toward your replacement puppy. (The puppy must pass from a congenital defect in order to qualify for the credit.)

You MUST submit your vet findings to us:
Make sure to send a copy of your vet check as proof. If your dog has been microchipped, that identification should also be on the veterinarian’s paperwork.
1. Within the first week of owning the puppy - well check by your vet
2. For puppies bought as pets, if you want the AKC application for papers, you must submit the vet DVM paperwork to prove it has been spayed/neutered (when age appropriate)

If the puppy dies before it turns one-year of age:
1. Submit the necropsy report after death within the week of death

Prayer Paw Puppies assume no financial responsibility after the Pomeranian leaves the premises. This includes but is not limited to: medical expenses, landlords' disapproval, allergy to animals, mortality, disagreement of family or spouse, or any other reason except congenital birth defect causing death (in which you will receive a replacement puppy of equal or lesser value).

**The buyer is responsible for all shipping costs and any/all vet expenses.

**If the buyer neglects to have the puppy checked by a certified veterinarian within THREE business days of arrival (5 business days if picked up the same day as purchase), ALL GUARANTEES ARE NULL AND VOID.


Because we do not cover/reimburse illnesses/injuries that may occur with your baby once they leave our premises, we STRONGLY recommend pet insurance. Normal vet expenses can be costly, but there is NO comparison with the amounts emergency vets can run up. We’re talking thousands of dollars. Because this offer requires YOUR due diligence, PLEASE, take the steps required.

We offer TWO options:

WE aren’t sure if this option applies with the transfer of adult dogs but you could call and ask. On puppies - If you purchase FULL (Breeding rights),

AKC offers 30 days of pet health insurance included with your dog’s registration at no extra cost. It would be imperative to immediately register your puppy. It is a good idea to keep this insurance after the 30 days. 866-725-2747
accidents & illness
Vet helpline 24/7
No commitment required
automatically expires

If you buy LIMITED (pet), you do not receive the papers until after proof of spay/neuter, so we offer Trupanion insurance - which you can also choose, if you prefer, over the AKC option. (Register your puppy within 24 hours of receiving)

Breeder Support Program | Trupanion 855.210.8749 Promo code: BR1PP12723 (under Prayer Paw Puppies)
No payout limits; 90% coverage - payment directly to your attending veterinarian
Available 24/7
Covers new illnesses/injuries, hereditary conditions, breed-specific conditions, diagnostic tests, surgeries, and medications

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. If the puppy/dog does not work out, we can help you place your dog into another home. Due to our license restrictions from USDA and MO state, we need our dogs to be confined in order to be protected against contaminants that could be fatal to our unvaccinated puppies (ones too young to have yet received shots) in our kennel, so we cannot take back dogs that may have been exposed to pathogens such as parvo, etc. Our only exception is if you find a congenital defect in your purchased dog that will result in death.

If, for some reason, you are unhappy with your purchase, you agree to contact the owner(s) of Prayer Paw Puppies, and that you (or anyone associated with you) will not make any defamatory statements about our business or any owner/worker/family member related to the business. (A defamatory statement is a statement that is made with the intention to harm our reputation or the reputation of our business(es).) If defamation statements are made, a lawyer will be contacted for libel or slander and for breach of this contract.

Buyer realizes in signing this that this is a Legal and Binding Document.

Buyer’s Signature:____________________________________________________________

HOLD DEPOSITS: Any animal bought from this seller will require a non-refundable deposit for a HOLD SERVICE which is applied toward the total purchase. A $500 deposit will reserve the puppy until it turns TWELVE weeks. You will not receive any refunds for hold deposits. If the puppy is priced under $1000, the hold deposit is $300. Even if the puppy is paid for on the day it is picked up, the deposit applies.

ALL PUPPIES MUST BE AT LEAST TWO POUNDS OR 12 WEEKS AT SHIPPING/PICK UP TIMES. This is for the puppy’s health. They must also be weaned and eat hard food regularly a week prior to leaving our premises. If the puppy is to ship, we will need full cleared payment one week (minimum) in advance to the ship date. We need time to arrange the flight, take the puppy in for a health exam, etc.
FOR PUPPIES OF small size, the shipping date will likely be at 11 or 12 weeks, possibly longer. (If shipped, We HIGHLY recommend a nanny, or you fly in to get him/her). We will NOT release the puppy before the stated date or until we feel s/he is safe to travel (eating well, etc). You always need to keep food in front of him/her to avoid hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). PLEASE keep Nutrical on hand. Shipping is always stressful and can make them go off food. Watch to make sure s/he eats, drinks, and goes to the bathroom within a few hours of arriving in your home. Stress often causes Coccidia or Guardia to “activate”. If s/he begins to feel ill (off food with loose stool with or without blood), take him/her to the vet and get medicine to treat. It is easy to treat but does require attention.
* For puppies held after eleven weeks of age, we require an additional fee of $65 to pay for any required vaccinations (Rabies). IF they are being commercially shipped. Picked-up puppies do not have to have these shots until 16 weeks by USDA standards unless they are crossing state lines.

ONLY IF APPROVED BY SELLER IN WRITING and there are VERY special circumstances will we hold puppies for more than 12 weeks.
1. Puppies must still be paid in full by the day the turn 12 weeks with shipping arranged by one week after the payment(s) post
2. IF the puppy is NOT paid in full by 12 weeks and IF WE AGREE, another $500 NONREFUNDABLE hold deposit may be applied that will retain the puppy for TWO ADDITIONAL WEEKS. (The second deposit also goes toward the purchase price). There will also be a $20 care fee per week after the first 12 weeks the puppy remains with us. We will NOT hold the puppy longer than 14 weeks of age
3. If money beyond the two hold deposits ($1000) has been paid, then at the time of the resale of the puppy, the extra money will be returned as long as the puppy hasn’t depreciated in value.
If the puppy sells at a reduced rate from the original listing price, then the money returned will be at the same reduction as the price of the puppy - to be figured at the time of the resale

The extra hold fees (when your puppy turns 12 weeks) begin on DATE if shipping isn’t scheduled within the week. If it is the seller’s recommendation to hold the puppy, the fees for holding puppies longer than 12 weeks ($20/week) will not be charged. The buyer is responsible for full payment at 12 weeks and the $65 rabies fee (if the puppy must be shipped commercially or crosses state lines) or if the puppy is 16 weeks or older at time of pick-up.

*LIMITED PAPERS OR NO PAPERS CLAUSE: If we sell a puppy with “Limited Papers”, this means you do not want the dog for breeding purposes, so we will not release the papers/application and/or complete the transfer until proof of spay or neuter of sold puppy (identified below) is provided by a DVM veterinarian. We recommend at least three to four months of age (minimum of two pounds but prefer four – this is usually around 4-5 months) before sterilization for males and older for females (or as your vet recommends). If you buy a puppy with limited papers, you will not receive the application unless the spay/neuter proof is given.
--FOR BOTH LIMITED PURCHASES AND FOR PURCHASES FOR DOGS WITHOUT PAPER: If, at a later date, the buyer decides he/she’d like full papers (providing there is nothing that would make the dog unfit), the difference between limited (OR non-papered price) and full price for puppy can be paid. Then a full rights application will be released to the purchaser. IF an AKC application (full rights) are purchased later, an additional $XX.00 will be due before the papers will be sent. IF the puppy is a very small female, a DVM vet must provide proof that the female is a minimum of 4.8 pounds before breeding rights will be given. *The buyer must also realize there could be late fee penalties that accumulate with delayed registration on the purchased puppy with the American Kennel Club.
We reserve the right to refuse any and all sales. We do not have to provide a reason.

PUPPY: “NAME”, (USDA 24); AKC (Limited/Full rights); COLOR: ;
GENDER: ; PARENTS: “SIRE” x “DAM”; DOB: x/x/2024 (12 weeks on )
Selling Price: $ / $
Microchip Fee: $25.00 or N/A
Other Fees: $0 (none at this time – 12-week fee for rabies/3rd parvo is $65)
Date/Amt Deposit Received:

TOTAL DUE: $ (figures are below) FULL payment due when puppy turns 12 weeks or before to avoid additional charges or loss of deposit
$ Puppy (NAME) – $500 deposit = $ (Puppy turns 12 weeks on //24; add $65 if received on this date or after.) *These fees do not include shipping.
SHIPPING: (These prices are for shipping a single puppy. Two or more will be additional)

Prayerpaw shipping:
The first forty minutes (radius around our home) is free. If we must ship beyond that, then we charge $100 an hour as predicted via Google Maps from our home (one way – not round trip) to the chosen destination. If we travel over five hours (five hours ten minutes) one way, then we also charge a hotel booking fee. Please ask for a quote, especially with longer trips as hotel pricing is subject to change. We retain the right to reject delivery if too far for our comfort. If you choose Prayerpaw shipping, you can pay cash upon delivery. *It is possible that we can check into flight prices and give you an estimate for a personal delivery to your airport.
With commercial shippers (We use only USDA shippers):

*Prices are subject to change - We are at the disposal of the company/people we use:
With Ozark Jet-A-Pet, prices are typically $500 for a 100 series crate. (This is flying cargo - not recommended in very cold/hot temperatures or for tiny puppies and includes the crate). If you fly with Ozark Jet-A-Pet, you will pay me the additional fee. SHIPPED (cargo) puppies must be paid in full by the Monday of the week prior to shipping; Flight Nanny cost is estimated between $700 - 1000 (if they cannot fly into Springfield, MO, it means you will also have to pay us drive time to the nearest airport) – Nanny prices out of Springfield is typically (last we checked) $650 - but may have increased - for one time zone then an extra $100 per additional time zones crossed. If we have to drive to Fayetteville, AR, (Airport XNA) or Kansas City, MO, which is very likely - then the price will be an additional $150 - $250 for our travel time (a price cut from our normal fee). If you choose a flight nanny, we will connect you with the USDA-certified shipper, and you will pay them a $100 - 150 deposit (depending on the nanny hired) and me $150 - $250 if they will not fly into SGF. You will pay the balance to the nanny when you’re handed the puppy.
*If someone other than you will be picking up the puppy from the airport, we will also need their legal name, physical address, and phone numbers for the flight information.

ATTENTION: Due to scammers, PayPal is no longer accepted.
The following payment methods are accepted (to Sheri Chapman or Mikaela Branson):
-CASH ONLY WITH puppy pick up OR Prayerpaw Delivery or Meeting somewhere
If paid in a week advance before shipping/pick up: The bank transfer or app, ZELLE, Facebook payments to Sheri, Money order / cashier’s check- CLEARED IN ADVANCE to pup leaving/shipped -Any money sent via snail mail (postal money order or bank cashier’s check) MUST be sent certified, KEEP your receipt, and SEND me a picture BEFORE you drop it in the mail-
*Please do not send money electronically within a few days of picking up your puppy. Money needs to be cleared before the puppy leaves, and many times, transactions pend a few days. Pay for the puppy one week in advance to pick up OR bring cash with you to pay your balance due.

Buyers Name (Printed by HAND): ___________________________________________________________________________
(Buyer's name)
Buyers Signature BY HAND:_____________________________________________________________________
Telephone: E-mail:
Physical Address:

**PLEASE HAVE YOUR PUPPY VACCINATED AGAINST PARVO WHEN S/HE TURNS 12 WEEKS, 16 WEEKS, SIX MONTHS, AND THEN YEARLY (or as your veterinarian recommends) *Current vaccination records from seller will be provided with delivery of puppy.
We feed Diamond Naturals – small breed puppy (white bag with dark blue writing). You can purchase this in a feed (farm supply) store, possibly a pet store, or on-line. We recommend feeding this and mixing to the food brand you prefer to prevent more stress to your baby. Mix lighter, then heavier for a couple of weeks before switching entirely. We also free feed our dogs. They always have hard food in front of them.

We RECOMMEND NuVet: NuVet Plus is made in the USA using natural, human grade ingredients that are formulated in an FDA registered pharmaceutical laboratory. NuVet Plus was designed for dogs at every life stage; from supporting a puppy’s maturing immune system to helping to protect against issues later in life including allergies, itching/scratching, hot spots, arthritis, digestive issues, tear staining, hair loss and more. For your convenience you may order by phone by calling 800-474-7044, using order code 91698 or online at . NuVet products are not sold in stores. Customers outside the U.S. must place order by phone only.

*Please print, read, and initial each page by hand. Be sure to sign the last two pages (also by hand) and return (snail mail or take a picture – make sure the picture shows the entire page including the initials at the bottom and send as an attachment via e-mail) the entire contract by //24 or sooner to the breeder. We MUST receive your contract before your puppy can be shipped/picked up. Puppies with no contract will be relisted with no refund of deposit (even if paid with full amount). Too many people back out, and we are left with a puppy to sell going into their uglies.

Prayer Paw Puppies

Sheri Chapman & Mikaela Branson

Spokane, MO 65754

417-319-4517 or 417-207-0760