Sheri Chapman:

Sheri Chapman is a loving person who finds great joy in everything she does.  Animals have always been an integral part of her life. Nothing is better than coming in after working to snuggle with her collection of Pomeranians. 

Sheri's bred Pomeranians since 1992. She sold out the kennel after the birth of her second daughter (in 1996) because being a new mother and teacher was enough to keep her busy. She continued to breed on a small scale, but when her children got older, she decided to get back into breeding on a larger scale because she loved it so much,  The kennel was built in (April 2013) and Sheri received her MO State license (9/13) and USDA license in the summer of 2014.

Sheri's oldest daughter, Mikaela Branson, joined team Prayer Paw at the end of 2020. She became co-owner by invitation in October 2022 so that Sheri could try to focus more on showing and writing.

Sheri has four beautiful daughters, one granddaughter, and currently a grandson on the way.  She is excited about her expanding family.

Personally, Sheri has a lot of passions. Her first love is her family. She loves to spend time with them as much as possible. Then it's her animals because they ARE family to her. Sheri is also a big Harry Potter fan.

In her "spare time", Sheri enjoys reading and writing, hiking, walking, jogging, floating, and traveling to exotic places - and she takes great pleasure in scuba diving (especially in the ocean).  Sheri cherishes the great outdoors and wants to experience the grand beauty of national parks. She also likes to draw, play board games, and shoot pool (billiards).  She is on several pool leagues (an improving mediocre player) and bowls once a week. 



Sheri retired in 2020 (after COVID hit) with 30 years of teaching experience. She taught high functioning (normal IQ) students with mild impairments. Her emphasis was transition from school to job/career pathways, coping skills, behavior management, and reading/writing.  Most of her experience was with high school students.  Sheri co-taught a variety of classes (in the "regular" room) as well as many study skills and special English classes.


Working in the field of English helped Sheri keep up (remember) how to write and develop plots.  However, working with her editor, Eric Myers, was the most beneficial in the area of creative writing.  Sheri continues to improve with better plot development with each story she writes.  Sheri values diversity and writes multi-genre fiction (mostly) although she has written a few stories based on true happenings. She calls her category, "Magic Realism". Sheri enjoys writing both YA (young adult), mature fiction (thriller), and stories that verge on horror.  A lot of her writing has a touch of magic.  She has, however, written a children's book as well. 


Sheri's most popular series at this time is her historical romance series, Passion Series. 

     *Wild Passion

     *Passions of the Heart

     *Chief Spirit Bear: Rise to Power (short story)


      *Eyes with No Soul

      *The Other Side of Privileged


      *Orlana, the Golden Faery Queen (wrote to go hand-in-hand with The Other Side of Privleged)


      *A Killer, Revisited

Sheri has also written several stories in anthologies (a collection of short works with other authors)

Although badly in need of updating, here is a link to her website: 


Sheri also works for "The Track" under the umbrella of Five Star Parks.  In the summer, she works for Adventure Ziplines in Branson (owned by The Track) taking calls, selling tickets and merchandise at the counter, taking pictures, and taking customers to pick up and drop off points via kubotas (office management).  In the winter (and other seasons), she works for the Track Corporate Office as an administrative assistant answering phones, researching, and data input. 


Lindenwood University (Saint Charles, MO)

       *Specialist degree in Educational Leadership (May 2010) 

       *Masters of Arts in Educational Administration (May 2007)

Missouri State University (Springfield, MO)

       *Masters of Science in Education with emphasis in Special Education (Dec 1999)

       *Bachelor of Science in Education with emphasis in Learning Disabilities (May 1990)

High School Diploma (Mountain Grove, MO)

       *Graduated in 1986

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